Zombie Tips

Tip #1 – Always carry Brussels sprouts with you in your pockets.  You can whip them at the Z’s with lightening force.  They’re indiscreet, pack a punch, and smell like Hell! Perfect for taking out the enemy.

Tip #2 – Insta-barrows are great for toting around necessary zombie weapons.  You can pack them full of various items like spatulas, plungers, pot helmets, saran warp, and oh yes, tinfoil.  Note:  Remember to undo the latch before trying to open said Insta-Barrow.  It doesn’t work so well when you use your teeth.

Tip #3 –  If you aren’t going to use Tip #2 then make sure your plunger and spatula are securely strapped to your back and easily accessible.   You don’t want to be fumbling around looking for your brain extractor when sh*t hits the fan, and believe me, sh*t will hit the fan.  What is the spatula for, you ask? Don’t ask.  Kidding! It’s simply because it’s looks rather cool with the plunger.  Who says we can’t still be stylish when battling the undead?


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